• Interim management 

My favourite projects are those where the client needs me to set up their HR department - the so-called Interim management /remuneration, benefits, competences, talent management, successor planning, etc./. After getting everything on the right track, I relinquish the HR agenda to someone else.  

  • HR projects

HR restructuring, optimisation of HR processes, remuneration and benefits set-up, etc.

  • Personnel audits

I like to hear opinions, dissect processes, and propose solutions. I am very business oriented and I always leave the client with a solution with the best business effect.

  • Coaching

Having done a training at Marilyn Atkinson, I also do coaching. I prefer a combination of coaching and mentoring. I like to include solutions in the dialogue and I strive to push clients forward. Despite the fact that the client´s assignments always pertain only to occupational objectives, I always include private life into coaching - those two cannot be separated - there´s no point being happy in your job if you are unhappy in your private life and vice-versa. Private life and work are closely related, thus having to solve even a minor private problem can have great impact on one´s occupational performance.      

  • Crisis management  

I am often offered work where my task is to restructure, optimize or reduce the number of employees. These projects are equally interesting as personnel audits and interim management. Usually, however, these projects are more on the long-term side, they require a lot of communication  and one first needs to gain the trust managers to be awarded such a project. My commitment is to always leave behind satisfied people who were communicated all necessary facts. I am stubborn and I always present the management with my ideas of what for the company and the people, supporting my ideas with clear arguments.  

  • Executive search

Human resources managers often turn to me with specific requirements and I always make an effort to provide a suitable candidates based on references. I understand their assignments very well, since until 2009, I myself had been issuing assignments to agencies. It frequently happens that I used to work with people whom I recommend, that is why I can provide detailed references or guarantees. In executive search I use a wide range of my contacts always striving to find references for a specific requirement.