I was working with Denisa at Soitron for several years. She worked at the post of the HR Director and I feel obliged to say that it was one of the brightest periods of my career at Soitron. Denisa, her passionate and proactive approach combined with her outstanding diplomacy skills and personal strength, could bring about changes. Her excellent communication skills gained her support from us, from unit managers and from the common employees alike. Her charisma, eloquence and professional skills didn´t only aid the development of the company, but of many of us as well. If I ever get the opportunity, I would be happy to work alongside her again.  

Miloslav Kucmen - former colleague, exService Manager at Soitron

For me Deniska is the impersonation of someone from whose dictionary the phrase "cannot be done" has been erased. She has a fantastic amount of energy and a gift to "hit the nail on the head" and make fast and right decisions. I appreciate her openness, her realistic view of the world and the knowledge that I can trust her in everything. 

Katarína Vanková - HR project manager UNION

I know Denisa since she was facing a great challenges in Soitron, where she contributed by strategical and very business oriented HR to the company growth up to more than 750 people. She is also very active among HR community in Slovakia, driving the HR Open Forum with the aim to share experiences and to improve the HR expertise among the colleagues. Denisa is a pragmatic and dynamic HR professional, with the very good business understanding, with proactive and value added approach. She likes to improve the status quo and never accepts that something is not possible. I appreciate very much her open and honest attitude and a very nice and friendly personality. I would recommend Denisa without any hesitation, to any senior HR managerial position. With all my respect to Denisa.

Anna Hudáková - HR Director MCO CZ&Sk Sanofi, President HR Association Slovakia   

Denisa is just a geyser of energy which, using her purposefulness, discipline, positive "can do" approach, openness and sensibility, she can transfer into measurable results (both quantitative and qualitative) for the people, teams and businesses around her. 

Eva Birčáková - Managing Director at Adamas  

In my view Denisa is a very capable professional who can motivate herself and everyone around her. She has a lot of energy, zest and drive, she is up to speed with the human resources business and builds on her extensive experience in growing and reorganizing the companies she used to work for.  I think she is valued partner in a debate on business change management and crisis management projects - I can wholeheartedly recommend her.

Silvia Jeleníková - Country HR manager Dell Slovakia  

We have been cooperating with Denisa closely in organizing the HR Open Forum for more than 2 years now. Thanks to our cooperation I had the opportunity to get to know her both as a human being and as an HR professional. Without a doubt, Denisa is a very self-confident and spirited woman and HR-ist with huge know-how and drive-whether in finding new viewpoints, solving problems, overcoming obstacles or implementing miscellaneous activities and projects. She always delivers quality, proceeds systematically and can be relied on. If she starts or promises something, we at the organizational comittee know, it´s in the best hands and "destined" for success.

Eva Štefánková - owner of the own company

Deniska had been working at Tronet since 2002 as the HR Director. After establishment of the Soitron subsidiary in 2004 she started an entire new HR department and began creating methodologies and processes for recruitment and motivation of newly hired outsourced employees. In 2005 she was put in charge of the employee integration process of both companies into Soitron, which task she completed with flying colours. Her working in Soitron gained her huge HR management related skills. 

Vladimír Šikura - Executive Manager at Soitron      

Denisa is a long-term member of the HR Open Forum organizational committee. Both as a professional and as a human being, Denisa is a constructive leader capable of bringing ingenuity and professional approach into the regular meetings of HR professionals, as well as practical advice based on her own long-term HR management experience. As a member of the organizational committee I am glad to be able to cooperate with such a professional and be inspired by her professional approach and valued practical HR orientation. I perceive Denisa as very mature person with clearly defined values, which she honours and acts upon. She is, as they say, a straightforward person. Frank, open, determined, unafraid of new things, able to get her bearings amazingly fast and thing through the steps that will take her to her objective.   

Elena Demeková - Client Services exHR Manager, TMF Services Slovakia

I used to work with Denisa at the beginning of her professional career. I appreciated her single-mindedness which she could turn into reality easily. The pace at which she could learn, develop key competences and apply them in complicated situations, was remarkable. Denisa quickly became a key team player on whom one could always rely.

Anton Halúska - former colleague, exDeputy Chairman the KBB   

I know Denisa from the HR Open Forum as an excellent HR professional with superb organizational and presentation skills. Thanks to her I can take new ideas and inspiration from every single HR Open Forum meeting.

Martina Šebestová - exHR Director Edenred Slovakia

I regard Denisa as a very friendly person with a great deal of empathy, originality and unconventional ideas. She motivated me in my professional life and helped me step out of the comfort zone.

Barbora Kočišová - HR Manager Monogram Technologies

I only know a few people who can get their bearings incredibly fast in a new environment find what is important and present a solution almost instantly. Denisa, most certainly, is one of them.

Martin Stachovič - former colleague, exProduct Manager at Soitron  

I know Denisa since she was a university student. She began working at Accenture /the then Andersen Consulting/ as an HR assistant. From the first day, she knew her way around the job and the people and she quickly showed and applied her biggest strength - spot what is essential, focus on it, and achieve the required objective while maintaining all principles of ethics and integrity. By doing that she gained my full trust and the trust of her colleagues and superiors. For me personally, Denisa is a person who has gained my respect not only through her approach to work, but especially to people and life.     

Eva Kucháriková - former superior, exHR Manager at Andersen Consulting

Denisa is a type of person that after 10 minutes of the first conversation with her you feel that her joining of the team will bring positive results. A short but very intensive cooperation with her has definitely confirmed me this impression. She has many positive human qualities and professional skills, however, I would like to emphasize those that are the most remarkable for Denisa: courage with which she accepts the ultimate challenges and mainly her experience with their solution provide her the prerequisites to succeed even when given extremely complex and critical assignments. High commitment with which she not only starts the projects, but is able to maintain over its duration, creates an almost contagious example for other team members and thereby encouraging them to higher performance. However, her key ability is to recognize and pay attention to what is the most important in particular situation. Denisa´s "NO NONSENSE APPROACH" is a big assumption that her invested energy will create exceptional added value for her partners and clients.

Alan Sitár - former boss, exManaging Director of the National Highway company

IQ + heart + drive = Denisa

Lukáš Bakoš - Managing Director, Maxman Consultants    

Above all, I would emphasize that Denisa has, in a sense, an ideal "portfolio" of intellectual skills to be an expert in the human resources area. Apart from her natural intelligence, she has an excellent command of analytical and lateral thinking, with a strong social intelligence capacity. Denisa has a strong need to face challenges. She works hard with an enthusiasm for, and commitment to, her objectives. I am happy to say that Denisa has a very nice character. It has always been pleasure for me to communicate with Denisa on both formal and informal level. Finally, I am deeply convinced that Denisa is a distinguished personality and I have no hesitation in recommending Denisa.

Ján Horvát, former colleague, Director of Corporate Secretary Section, Komerční banka Bratislava   

I met Denisa 2 years ago at the HR Open Forum. I was immediately impressed that she felt delighted and was willing unselfishly share her knowledge and experience from the HR world with those who needed some advice. I had a chance to cooperate with her at one presentation at HR Forum, where I assured myself that she is a true professional in her field. Denisa doesn´t have a problem to name things by their right names, to think in a wider context and look at the matters from different points of view. And most importantly, she has the ability to highlight the importance of things and doesn´t deal with insignificant matters. If the opportunity arises, it will be my pleasure to cooperate with her in the future and I recommend the cooperation with Denisa to those of you who are reading these lines.

Zuzana Jojic - exHR Director, Ness Technologies    

I have known Denisa for 10 years and our professional cooperation has intensified since we met. I respect her as an expert in comprehensive human resource management, as an extremely active person, who does not rest on her laurels but constantly pushes herself forward. I respect her because she invests great effort in her education and professional development. Denisa is always willing to help and give advice selflessly. She contributes to raising the professional level of HR community by organizing HR Open Forum. I am looking forward to our cooperation in the future.

Lucia Groneová, HR partner, IBM Slovakia

I have basically known Denisa since the beginning of her professional career and I have to say that even back then she already knew what she wanted. She could identify priorities where others failed and she was able to focus fully on things. She preserved all these attributes and added maturity, personal development and objectivity. She is able to use these attributes precisely and thoughtfully in her business as well as in her personal relationships. For all this I honestly respect her and I am happy that she is one of my friends and colleagues that I can turn to anytime I need.

Vladimíra Šebökövá – ex-HR manager, Procare

If you need to address challenges or you need an advice concerning HR management, you will certainly appreciate meeting a professional, who before anything else tries to understand your business.  For me Denisa Očenášová Moravská is such a professional. She does not offer guaranteed standardized solutions, her solutions are creative and tailor-made. Denisa is able to analyze the situation, propose a solution and implement it so that everything works perfectly after she leaves the company. Her approach is human, but very pragmatic. She can transform the project investments into a value for the client. I am always looking forward to the friendly atmosphere she creates at HR Open Forums that she organizes.

Soňa Sochová (Budjačová), Global Candidate Attraction Manager, IBM

“I have known Denisa for 10 years. We met at the beginning of my HR career when she was my boss in a large Slovak IT company. I was lucky to learn from her and see how things can be done well and professionally. Thanks to her I always want to do things better than average.

Nowadays I see Denisa as an entrepreneur, who perfectly manages her private and professional life. She is very good at time management and a great professional in everything she does. She always gives her best, she does not compromise. She is a perfect networker, mainly because she gladly helps other people. Thanks to her experience and personality, she can clearly see the needs of her clients and she is able to propose highly effective solutions. I appreciate her because her advice is always helpful!”

Katarína Janáková – HR Director Medusa Group, ex colleague from Soitron 

For me Denisa is the epitome of a marvelous combination of HR know-how, energy, enthusiasm and inspiration. She is a great motivator and she always offers a solution. 

And the most important thing is that the solution is always very good. Above all of this, she is an excellent mother too. 

Dominika Miklášová – HR Director Edenred

When I describe Denisa to potential partners or people who haven’t worked with her yet, I always connect her name with features such as:  strong-minded, active, vigorous, pragmatic and outcome-oriented. I appreciate Denisa´s ability not to give up, to face any situation and all of this with a smile on her face. Her energy is contagious

Andrea Gubová – HR Director UNION