Please, let me introduce myself. My name is Denisa Očenášová Moravská, I have studied at the University of Economics majoring in Personnel Management. I began working right after graduation in 1995. The list of positions I worked in, can be found below. Later, I started my own business so I  share my experience in the field of human resources, process implementation and solution finding.        


My career:

since 2009 - working for business clients

since 2003 - Soitron; HR Director /concurrently with Tronet/

since 2002 - Tronet; HR Director

since 2000 - Komerční banka Bratislava; HR Manager 

since 1998 - Andersen Consulting; HR Department Assistant

I have gathered the most HR related experience since 2002, when I was hired as a HR Director at Tronet /Slovak system integrator/. I had helped establish their subsidiares and in 2003 we had won a project for Hewlett Packard. We had been outsourcing employees for Hewlett Packard in a Shared Delivery Centre, where my biggest challenge had been to grow the company from 0 to 600 employees. For a short period of time I had been working as a HR Director for both companies, until in 2005 they have merged. I have gathered immense experience in managing people and establishing businesses and processes in green-field projects. Since 2008, I have been member of the organizational committee of the HR Open Forum.    

First, I would like to thank the people who have ushered me to this work, gave me their trust and business. In particular my thanks go to Vlaďka Šebökövá, Rasťo Blažej, Elenka Demeková, Evka Birčáková and Lukáš Bakoš. Those are the people who have helped me in my beginnings, which is very important in business, and I hope I will be able to repay them one day.